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Tracing the source - a comprehensive understanding of the plastic recycling industry

Date:2017-01-18 14:51

The main component of plastic is synthetic resin (as a by-product of petrochemical), by adding filler and different additives, in a certain temperature and pressure conditions made of plastic. Plastic since its inception, that is, with its excellent physical and chemical properties of a large number of steel, wood, cement, glass, ceramics and other conventional basic materials, and soon be applied to thousands of fields.

China's plastics industry started in the last century, the sixties and sixties, developed in the seventies and eighties, flourishing in the nineties. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, the plastics industry by leaps and bounds, has been unprecedented development, a large number of new industrial plastics, civilian plastic products continue to emerge, it can be said that real life, plastic everywhere, people have been inseparable from the point of plastic
The development of the plastics industry, to bring great benefits to mankind, but also left endless trouble that "white pollution": since the plastic products, it will inevitably produce waste plastics, and over time, more new raw materials Put into use, making a sharp rise in waste plastics. As the waste plastic bulky, at room temperature is not easy to aging degradation, so that it can not be a lot of buried, and some can remain in the natural state of tens or even hundreds of years, resulting in growing white pollution, the ecological environment suffered serious damage. To this end, has been in the world knocked on the alarm! China's government and local departments at all levels have introduced a series of preferential policies to encourage the use of waste plastics recycling treatment, tax incentives, tax exemption or return of corporate income tax and other forms of support. Seeking a way to solve the pollution of plastic waste, turning waste into treasure, but also to create huge economic and social benefits of the way has been urgent.
The use of waste plastics for incineration, access to thermal power, or the use of plastic cracking to restore oil refining, are costly, and will produce the second pollution defects, more important is the waste of plastic scattered around, a large number of transit transport is unrealistic and unfavorable Multi-point construction, and for the waste plastic can be repeated plastic, repeated regeneration, the performance characteristics of recycling, recycling granulation, not only local materials, can be set up and set up factories, environmental protection and energy conservation advantages, more important Is a small investment, quick, simple technology, outstanding benefits, everyone can run. On the other hand, because the plastic is a petrochemical by-product, the new raw materials are expensive and serious enough (such as: plastic manufacturers for blown film, injection, drawing and other raw materials required up to six thousand or even million yuan / ton), and the use of recycled particles Only 2500-6000 yuan / ton, the cost spread up to several thousand dollars, so the plastic manufacturers widely recycled raw materials to meet the production needs of renewable particles. A medium-sized cement woven bag factory, the annual need to polypropylene particles up to 2,000 tons; even small and medium-sized private plastic factory, the annual regeneration of particles are also hundreds of tons; and a large integrated plastics plant, the annual demand can be as high as tens of thousands Ton. Can be seen in the recycling of waste plastics is a broad market, huge benefits, never get rich in the industry, at all levels of government departments to support and promote the next, China's plastics recycling industry is flourishing, flourishing!

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