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It is a national new high-tech enterprise specialized in biology base, biodegradable materials and products, and integrated with planting, R&D, production and sales, and subordinate to Zhongcheng joint investment group, and the company governs Sanming Best starch Industry Co.,Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary), it is located in Huaqiao Economic Development Zone, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. And it was founded via the expansion and removal of Fujian Beststarch Biodegradable Material Co.,Ltd . in 2004. And now, it is the vice chairman of the special committee for biodegradable plastics of China plastic association and the member unit of the national bio-based materials and degradable products standardization technical committee.

The company has built the Engineering Technical Research Centre for Bio-based and Biodegradable Materials in Suzhou City and wholly-owned the subsidiary with 35,000 tons annual output of cassava starch and its modified starch, and the company widely carries out university-industry cooperation and bears various levels and kinds of scientific and technological development projects to form the technical, product and industry chain from unique cassava starch, modified starch to bio-based and biodegradable materials.



The company owns more than 20,000m2 of manufacturing shop, more than 60 sets of modernized production and detection equipment, capable of producing 30,000 tons of bio-based and biodegradable granules, film bag, sheet, plastic uptake, injection molding and other materials and products, and the company has obtained 68 patents authorized by the country, including 8 patents for invention, 21 utility models and 39 appearance patents. And the company has obtained the market development award issued by China special committee of biodegradable plastics and passed the certification of various kinds of quality, environment, occupational health and global 500 factory inspection system, domestic and overseas product standard testing and certification to comprehensively provide high quality products and quality assurance for customers and to be one of the leading enterprises in biodegradable plastics industry.

Core value
Fairness for cultivating person and integrity for starting career. Strive for seeking truth from facts, honesty first and proceeding from the whole situation.


Management idea
Industry leader and user first, we are devoted to developing into a benefit community among shareholder, staff, customers and supplier (partner) to make it risk sharing and benefit sharing, so as to cultivate more plentiful spiritual wealth while creating material wealth, and to accumulate intangible assets with higher value while developing tangible assets. 



Hanfeng vision
To be the respected and the most excellent new material enterprise in the world within industry.



Hanfeng mission
In line with the aim of facing future and benefiting the society, and adhering to the management idea of "market leading and innovation as impetus", we are devoted to achieving bio-plastics and biodegradable plastics industry with environmental harmony and good life, and we are willing to join hands with far-sighted personage to create value for customers and to develop and grow in the sudden growth of global green economy.



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Address: No.6, Xinsheng Road, Huaqiao Economic Development Zone, 

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